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Julia - NYC

“I love the books and podcasts being suggested that are based on what I am interested in, making it easier for me to achieve my goals.”

Wael - NYC

“fwrd is filled with amazing resources that keep me entertained from a variety of thought leaders that help to get me out of my routine."

Donte - NYC

“fwrd is an exciting, all-in-one platform that propels my goals to new heights by fostering them with enriching, inspiring content, and tools to track accountability.”

Sonya - NYC

“fwrd makes it easy for me to find content beneficial to my well-being. I now feel like I have a tool to help curate a better personalized experience so I can start my day on the best foot possible”

Kristina - NYC

“My visions and goals are finally in one place. I also love the simplicity of discovering new podcasts and how it keeps me focused on my ambitions.”