the platform


fwrd works with a council of leading experts to curate the most impactful resources daily to support your growth.

  • Build your progress playlist by focus area
  • Share resources with friends, colleagues, coaches, partners, or mentors
  • Capture key take-aways from books and podcasts


fwrd connects your resources to your life goals while making it easy to set, manage and track your progress.

  • Set up a progress framework around your time commitment to personal growth
  • Connect your goals & habits with your favorite resources
  • Keep track of your progress
Coming Soon!


fwrd will connect mentors and mentees across all areas of life in a safe and dynamic experience that places knowledge sharing as a key to your growth.

  • Find successful Mentors to accelerate your growth
  • Become a Mentor to help others improve
  • Become part of the solution that builds bridges to guide ambitious individuals from underserved communities

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